Monday, February 23, 2009

As giddy as Levi Leipheimer after hypnosis

I got a message from Stevil the other day that BikeSnobNYC was doing a piece on the Y-Foil. The lemming has never turned down an opportunity to sharpen the pitchfork, light the torches, and chase the Y-Foil ogre, so I headed on over there to get my daily laugh. Little did I know, I would become as giddy as Levi Leipheimer after a hypnosis session, there was a link to the Lemming from BikeSnobNYC!

Having a link from the BikeSnobNYC is like the grand poobah Lance Armstrong taking a break from destroying everyone on the tour to come ride RAGBRAI with you. It's like Ted Nugent taking a Saturday off from hunting big game to hunt squirrels with you. It's like Bruce Jenner taking a pause from Wheaties box photo shoots to pole vault over your fence, it's like Michael Phelps foregoing a bong hit to come party with you. It's like David Letterman kicking Joaquin Phoenix off the stage to interview you. To say it in no less words, it's cool!

But back to how hypnosis is helping Levi Leipheimer. Apparently, according to RoadBikeRider, Levi is now a paid endorser of the Ultimate Cyclist, a hypnosis CD meant to be listened to while falling asleep. I can't imagine the ladies enjoy that routine. I haven't heard the CDs, but I guess that sublimal messages say, "Lance Armstrong is not faster than you.." over and over again as you drift off to sleep, dreaming about crushing Lance up Alpe d'Huez.

To jump on the bandwagon, LTS (Lemming Training Systems) will be offering discounted hypnosis sessions with the purchase of every PowerTap. We'll also sell a triathlete package which includes the Powertap'ed Zipp dimpled wheel, discounted hypnosis sessions, and the Ultimate Cyclist CD.

Good things never last, and my feel good giddiness soon faded as I read this creepy bike love article on

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2 inch heel on a Jimmy Choo? Gotta be counterfeit.