Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ride for real

The lemming is nitpicking. Here I have a backlog of interesting stuff (to me) to write about and all I can think about is this crazy picture above that I keep seeing as ads in magazines.

The picture, I'm sure you recognize from Bicycling and other magazines, is the very hot and very talented Jen Segger for Ryders Eyewear. Jen has a huge list of accomplishments and is indeed a "real rider", so why make-up artist the photo shoot? Why not just let her go out and get dirty for the "Ride for Real" picture? That would seem much more endearing and genuine to me.

In the picture above, unless Jen was scratched by her cat and bleeds chocolate, or if she was lubing her chain with 10W40 and then accidentally streaked it on to her face with a fine bristled brush, odds are she wasn't "riding for real" for the picture and for some reason that just bugs the lemming, it so boldly says "Ride for Real".

Anyway, I wanted to get it on the action and maybe star in a Ryders Eyewear ad myself. I'm not talented enough to draw streaks of chocolate on to my face, but I can do a crude cut and paste. I tried my best to capture the same essence of "realness" as the original. So, I give permission to Ryders Eyewear to use the pictures below in any ads as long as the original photo owner doesn't mind, that said I have no way to contact them.

Blog for Real

Surf for Real

Play poker for Real

Drive to work for Real

Ride for Real

That's about all I've got, I welcome submissions.


Reader submissions/suggestions

Skydive for Real
Added on suggestion from Nick, note the lemming must jump tandem, basejumping is more his thing


gwadzilla said...

that is keeping it real!

RANTWICK said...

Nice. As you know, pasting heads on things is right up my street!

I have to agree. I don't read cycling mags, but I ride for real, and my face doesn't do that. Maybe I should start dragging my face through rose bushes or something.

Unknown said...

That's awesome, the lemming pics are great.

I wondered the same things when I saw that ad a week ago for the gazillionth time in Bicycling mag.

Richard said...

I thought the same thing when I first saw this photo. The cuts just seemed weird to me. I've been in some nasty crashes in my day and NEVER got a cut like that on my face.

Nick said...

She's not that hot.

Lemmings don't sky dive????

Bike Lemming said...

Nick, good point, skydiving for Real added!

Rantwick, they'd have to be muddy/oily rose bushes...

Thanks for reading everyone!

jeff said...

A chick with a helmet and chocolate all over her face? That's hot!