Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday fun, music, beer, and picture roundup

First off, my apologies to Rantwick as this post comes early morning and will undoubtedly leave him frothing for beer all day.

With the 4th of July looming over our heads, fireworks to shoot off, meat to BBQ, and beer to be drunk, it seems fitting that this week's beer not be a haughty import or microbrew. It can be none other than the king of beers, I'm talking of course, about Budweiser.
Besides being smooth and refreshing, I applaud Budweiser for their diversity in hiring practices. Below we can see a blonde, a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde with brunette highlights. Heck, one doesn't even have a hat or belly button ring. The diversity is so pronounced I feel as if I'm watching an airline safety video.

With America's Independence day I feel a classic choice is in order for the music. We need a band that seems like they've been around since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Who could that be? The Stones? Ozzy? Nope, we need a band that's as American as Australia, AC/DC. I've included two songs today, the classic It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) from their American debut album High Voltage and Rock N Roll Train from their newest album Black Ice, proving that they are still going strong. My only complaint with AC/DC is that they didn't keep rocking the bagpipe, but that complaint is about as lame as telling the bud girls they can't eat crackers.

AC/DC - Its A Long Way To The Top (If Ya Wanna Rock And Roll)

AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train

And while you have the music playing we'll move on to the picture roundup. Lots of great shots this week, as always thanks everyone for letting me repost them.

Courtesy of Travels with my Mule

Courtesy of Travels with my Mule

Courtesy of Sonya Looney

Courtesy of Road

Courtesy of MO7S

Courtesy of How to Avoid the Bummer Life

Courtesy of Copenhagenize

Courtesy of Bike Dreams

Courtesy of bicykel

Courtesy of bicykel

That will do it for this week, be safe out there doing whatever you are doing, and I'll see you on Monday.


RANTWICK said...

Damn you Lemming! Apologies don't stop the frothing... only beer stops the frothing!

Have a super 4th. I already got my firwroks in on Canada Day.

Unknown said...

Oh my God you hit all 4 B's in one post - Beer, Bikes, Bagpipes, and Babes. That's gotta be some sort of blogging hat trick, grand slam, or hole in one. Happy 4th to all...

Sonya said...

I'm going to ride that shit out of that bike tomorrow too! :D

Richard said...

If I'm not mistaken, Budweiser was recently purchased by InBev of Belgium and AC/DC is from Australia. :) Both are still excellent choices, however.

Enjoy your brew and rock on!

Happy 4th!

Stevil said...

I pour beer on the curb for InBev's purchase of The King. A true shame, however until Oly is available where I live, I shall continue to drink it, hand over fist.

Bike Lemming said...

Richard and Stevil, I didn't know about InBev's purchase of Budweiser, that's a damn shame...

You are absolutely right about AC/DC, that's why I said "as American as Australia"... :)

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