Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working on my taper

The lemming is tapering this week. A normal taper should include a reduction in blogging volume, while maintaining a small level of blogging intensity. Since I’m not a sandbagger but really just lazy, you’re getting this single blog of short duration and medium intensity.

Next week is RAGBRAI, the great bike ride across Iowa. As far as I can tell, I don't have any readers who are headed off to this unassuming little state, but if I did that would be stellar. Myself, I'm thinking about heading there and winning a few stages. Of course winning a stage at RAGBRAI is not like winning a stage in the MS150, winning a stage at RAGBRAI entails drinking lots of good beer in non-suspecting small town bars along the route. Of course, the task would be much more difficult had Team Good Beer not completed the arduous task of compiling the list and sampling bars.

So wherever you are headed this next week, be safe out there. I may find some energy during my taper if I carbo-load well enough to put up a Friday fun post tomorrow, if not I'll see you July 27th when normal blog training continues.


Rantwick said...

RAGBRAI sounds like my kind of thing... Too bad I have to work and I'm all the way up here in Canada.

BikeLemming said...

Rantwick, you definitely need to try it sometime, maybe next year?

jeff said...

I've never done RAGBRAI, but it sounds like fun. You know they're tipping a few because it should only take you a couple days to ride across Iowa, and they stretch it into a week!

Rantwick said...

Let me work on my highway legs a little longer... this real distance stuff is kind of new to me.