Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here is a large list of excuses the lemming CAN NOT use for posting no new material in awhile.

1) Trying to research if the Trek Y-Foil was indeed born from jets.

2) Joined a triathlete club, we go by a certain code of honor, and I was forced to swear to a vow of silence.

3) Training for my first triathlon

4) Busy trying out tips to lose weight.

5) Busy hitting amateur sporting events and yelling the names of pros at the participants.

6) Did a weight training "block" to be a faster sprinter this summer.

7) Have been trying out spin classes

8) Got engaged, she turned out psycho, and I took the ring AND the bike back

9) Loving the indoor trainer so much that all of my time gets devoted to it.

10) Tried to get in to a race, was denied, but paid an additional $1250 to get in anyway.

11) Busy shaving my legs

12) Busy working a second job to pay for all of the bike events I want to do this summer.

13) Furiously debating bikes vs. cars on forums.

14) Was hit by a black Saturn SC2 while riding.

15) Saw the last issue of Bicycling and was busy upgrading my bike with the newest bling, all in the name of saving a few watts.

16) Was out on a hundred mile out and back ride and flatted, no one offered to help, so I walked home.

17) Hitting up all of the agencies which use my tax money that I don't get to take advantage of because cyclists don't pay taxes.

18) Stopped at every stop sign on the ride home from work and realized it took much longer than expected.

19) Flatted and had so many people offer help that a small ride turned in to a several day epic journey.

20) My blogging coaches prescribed a recovery week.

21) Dating the grape eating, bento box toting woman at the bottom of my century buyer's guide and we all know what the first 3 months of a relationship are like.

The above 21 excuses would no doubt make great stories as to why the lemming hasn't posted new material for awhile. The above 21 excuses are not valid however.


Richard said...

... Very funny. I'll have to remember those. :)

mrbill said...

You're excused, your a very busy person

Linda said...

Well, no wonder you haven't written in a while. You were busy finding all those non-excuses!

Bike Lemming said...

Ha ha, precisely!

Unknown said...

That's enough material for a LIFETIME of blogging. I expect a posting every 90 minutes for the next 3 months.

Paddy's Peleton said...

Excellent, you may start a trend now!!!!

jeff said...

Re: 19, What a great way to start a multi-day, epic journey!

Bike Lemming said...

Chris Doubleday, you are right, it is enough material for a lifetime of blogging... Jeff, definitely is a great way to start a multi-day journey.