Friday, December 5, 2008

The Trek Y-Foil, born from jets

Anyone who has watched the Tour de France has been inundated by the Saab, born from jets commercials. The sheer amount of repetition is comparable to having water dripped on your forehead in the middle of the night while the Real Slim Shady is piped in to your cell, however the commercials represent genius in marketing.

With truths which may or not directly correspond to reality they play on people's emotion and attempt to instill a feeling of superiority which Saab would have you believe only comes from their jet born cars. A feeling that if you own a Saab, you yourself can play volleyball with Maverick and the IceMan. After which you'll race your Saab beside the runway as a jet takes off before going to hook up with your teacher, while the less fortunate pack up their sluggish cars and drive the kids to soccer.

The 3900lb, 110hp Saab 900, born from jets. 0-60: unknown

Saab was obviously not the first to do this, enter the Trek Y-Foil. Never has a bike taken the charity bike circuit by storm and developed a recreational racer following like the Y-Foil did in 1998. The Trek Y-Foil just looks fast, and nothing says "My bike has cobwebs on it, but I've got some cash to blow and I need all the help I can get when I do the MS150 this year" like a Trek Y-Foil. Couple that with some expensive aero wheels and a big ol' spare tire and you've got yourself a winning combination, if Maverick and the Iceman rode bikes, they would ride a Y-Foil.

The Trek Y-Foil, probably also born from jets

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