Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Calories Out, the sex factor...

Nobody has taken the lemming up on the Calories In = Calories Out challenge, but on a tip from a reader today, I was alerted that having sex really isn't the calorie killer that it's been famed to be. To be honest, this news was very disheartening, now whenever your significant other asks you if they look fat in these jeans, you can't tell them it's because they always have a headache.

Unfortunately, having vigorous sex for an hour comes just at the same level as sewing, depending on which section you trust, but lower than setting the table and shaving. I tried to find a definition between light, moderate, and vigorous sex, but searching for "vigorous sex" on Google sidetracked me for hours. My guess is light and moderate don't get chosen all that often. The lemming has to wonder what this calorie list is for as he notices entries for "shearing sheep" and "Scuba Diving - as Navy Seal". Besides the obvious question of Navy Seals counting calories, the realization that this calorie counter is aimed at both Navy Seals and sheep shearers alike is both fascinating and disturbing.

But back to the sex, 137 calories per hour translates roughly to 23 calories for every 10 minutes that sexual activity lasts. Guys would say at that rate they would burn 274 calories on each encounter, whereas the ladies would say it's more likely to be around 12 calories.

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