Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coach Fred, Issue No. 373 - 12/11/08 Newsletter, Issue No. 373 - 12/11/08, Coach Fred

More laughs from the Coach Fred section of this week. Being a coach, Coach Fred has to answer in the most caring and helpful way. I however, will answer in how Coach Fred is probably thinking.
Q: I have more belly than is good for me. At 45, I changed my life and started bike commuting. I've dropped some weight and 3 inches off my waist, but there's lots more to go. Is there something better than basic sit-ups and leg lifts for trimming the stomach? -- Michael R.
The lemming answer:
Michael, congrats on the weight you've lost and the 3 inches off of your waist, that is huge! But c'mon man, do you really need to email in and ask me for exercises to take inches off of your belly. Now 60 of my minions are going to email in helpful comments such as "there is no such thing as spot reduction". Holy crap, I have to have good material for my "Best of Coach Fred" you know, they're going to fire my ass if these are the only questions I can answer! I mean, what's next someone asking me a question on if they can do spinning workouts on a bike at home?

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