Friday, September 25, 2009

Forget anything the lemming has said about time trialing

Forget anything the lemming has said about time trialing and aero bars. It actually turns out the lemming is a BIG fan of time trialing and aero bars. Photos lovingly pillaged from Alison M. Starnes' site.

Off topic... If you're recovered from the photos above already the lemming has a question about summaries in blog feeds and what people think about them. The lemming personally hates blog summaries where only a teaser is shown in the feed reader. More often than not he'll see the teaser and just mark as read in the feed reader rather than going to the actual site to read the entry. When a bunch of blogs are in the reader and the lemming wants to be all stealthy about blog reading at work it's not conducive to open a whole new site. I'd be curious as to what others think, post a comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Full content in feeds is great!

Stevil said...

I woke up on the floor. What was the question again?

Aaron said...

if you use google reader take a look at Better GReader add on for firefox. it lets you view the site entirely within google reader by just clicking the title of the feed. works great!