Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday fun, the lemming slept in

The lemming slept in today. My laziness will have to be the loss of the 7 readers I have. I was going to attempt to write my Friday fun post at my mind-numbing, soul-robbing job, however my boss is pacing the platform above our cubes, ready to haze us with a paint gun if we do personal items at work. With that in mind, I'm going to do a blitzkrieg of fun for Friday and that will have to do.

A regular reader of the lemming sent me the photo below late last night. It appears as if it might be a Zack Colman sighting. For those of you who don't remember Zack Colman, a refresher is in order.

If this is indeed Zack Colman, it appears as though he has added bike racks for street cred amongst the cycling community after the article which got under the skin of so many cyclists. Luckily he still retains his self-proclaimed "opinionated prick" image with the "I live to pass you" bumper sticker on the hellaciously fast 124HP black Saturn SC2. This Saturn SC2 was in one of the faster left lanes so it appears like Zack Colman hasn't learned his lesson and is still trying to push his Saturn SC2 to the limits.

The last time I did a Friday fun, beer, music, and pictures, Philip responded with one of his favorites. This is what he had to say:

"By pure coincidence I was reaquainted with pints of London Pride this week its very quaffable....and should be enjoyed with some others to ensure quality control"

Lastly, as my overweight, cigar-smoking boss has been watching my screen closely for some time now and has raised the paintball gun several times in warning, I'll leave you with the Drive-By Truckers. Their style of music falls in to the Rock-a-billy genre, is very polished, and just innocently fun. The thing that sets the Drive-By Truckers out above the rest is that after you really listen to their music for awhile you'll find that they are lyrical geniuses. Listen close to the music or even find some of the lyrics and I'm sure you'll agree.

Drive-By Truckers - Marry Me

Drive-By Truckers - Gravity's Gone

Drive-By Truckers - Zip City

Anyway, that will do it for this week. Get out and have yourself some fun this weekend and keep on keepin' on...


Rantwick said...

Thanks for the London Pride flashback. I've never seen it here in Canada, but I had some in the US a while ago and liked it.

Now I just want a beer. Thanks, Lemming.

Psyclepathic said...

We just got Fuller's on my side of the Canadian Shield. The ESB is great, too.

Mr. Fit Chick said...

so ya know, the Fit Chick is not a fan of DBT ... but her husband sure the hell is
"Whiskey's hard to beat"

BikeLemming said...

Another DBT fan, good to hear!

"So I'll meet you at the bottom if there really is one,

They always told me when you hit it you'll know it,

But I've been falling so long it's like gravity's gone and I'm just floating"