Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy to announce my first ever giveaway

Here at the lemming I'm happy to announce my first ever giveaway. My posting has been more than a little sporadic this winter due to my hibernation/prison time as Stevil calls it. Because of that I'm going to announce it today, post it next Wednesday, and then give people a week to get answers back to me.

Since the Lemming reader-base is about 3 readers, give or take a couple hundred, your chances of winnning are pretty good. Without revealing too much, I can say that the prize is something I've reviewed in the past and worth about $75. I don't believe in hanging on to the schwag I've been asked to review, it gives more publicity if I "raffle" it out. Or it could just be that I really don't "indoor train", regardless it will be your gain.

So stay tuned and check back next Wednesday (it will take me that long to write some questions) for the contest!


Anonymous said...

Seeing that I am one of your three readers, the odds are great :) - bring it on!

Cyclin' Missy said...

Me too! I'm in!

jeff said...

I'll be waiting with bait on my breath.