Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Winter training is tough. in the early days I posted a plethora of ways you can stay motivated in the winter, including Strip-ervals, Beer climbs, Cycling magazine Lance intervals, amongst many more. In lieu of that, many people head to spin classes, which I've just never been able to understand, in my eyes spinning classes just suck.

In case those options don't do it for you, no worries!  Earlier this spring I posted a review of the Hawaii Rides Trilogy.  Now, out of the kindness of my furry little heart, I'm giving it away.  Here's your chance to virtually ride the Hawaiian Islands to some very cool scenery with the grimacing man. A $75 value, free to you if you win my very subjective contest.  This is probably one of the best indoor training DVDs I've seen produced. It's just different, and not a bunch of people sitting on indoor trainers riding to hokey music while close-ups of their cassette clusters are shown.

Anyway, so how about a contest to "raffle" this out to someone? It will be a mix of bike triva, music trivia, unrelated things, and totally subjective questions which have no right answer. Unfortunately, unless you are some sort of Rainman-iac genius you'll need to do a little Google work to come up with some of the answers, I apologize in advance for this. With my 3+-100 or so reader base you have a great chance of winning and getting hooked up with the cool schwag. Get the answers to (or post the answers on your blog and send the Lemming a link) by Wednesday, March 3 and we'll decide a winner!

1) There are a few bike movies out there. Name as many as you can. Which is your favorite and why?

2) True or Fale, this phrase is really in a Kid Rock song, "My name's Kid Rock and I'm a Capricorn"?

3) In BikeSnobNYC's fictional interview of Lawrence Orbach, how did Lawrence execute his historic Five Boro Bike Tour win?

4) Belt out a clever caption for the picture below...  I'll add these responses to a later blog...

5) Essay question: If there were one ride that the Lemming should absolutely, positively do this year, what would it be and why?

6) What city is the Lemming's biggest reader-base?
a) Singapore
b) Seattle
c) Portland
d) Pottawattamie

7) True or false, bike_lemming is my Twitter account and I hate derailleurs.

8) When Dangerous Hicks performed his "Beer Cans of Death" stunt bike jump, what brand of beer cans did he successfully clear? Were they 12oz. or tall boys?

9) What is your level of indoor-trainerness experience?
a) I have to replace parts on my indoor trainer all the time, just last week I wore through the spindle, which I bought the week before.
b) I supplement my electrical bill with all of the watts I generate.
c) I find myself motivated to get on the trainer, a minute goes by, but it feels like an hour, so I stop, thorougly defeated.
d) I set up my bike on the trainer, but really I use it to hang clothes on, I'm tired of getting grease on my clothes.
e) What? You can ride indoors?
f) Other

10) If you win, are you willing to send Cycling Fusion an email letting them know you won it through this contest and give them a thanks?  Possibly even writing your own clever review for their product?

Looking back at this, my ability to write contest quizzes is even worse than my ability to blog coherently.  I wager that the contest will be a battle of attrition, with many entrants bowing out due to boredom and a throwing up of the hands "WTF" moments...  Get the answers to (or post the answers on your blog and send the Lemming a link) by Wednesday, March 3,  we'll decide a winner, and someone will find the Hawaii Rides Trilogy showing up at their doorstep!

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