Monday, October 20, 2008

Strange product alert - Reset Racing AirPort EVO

Since someone had already got to the Bontrager carbon seatpost rack, I figured the next most ridiculous item Bicycling has recommened is the Reset Racing AirPort EVO. Recommended as a "performance booster", according to Bicycling magazine this $45 item saves the most anal and obsessive compulsive from worrying that their shock doesn't have exactly 121psi in it after they remove the pump and hear the split-second of "psssst", thus ruining any ride thereafter due to "incorrect" shock air pressure.

CyclingNews however, highlights the product as an adapter for hard to reach shock fill locations. Who is most correct? I have no idea, I can't read German... And don't get me wrong, when you go to their site they have some pretty cool stuff, however worrying about a loss of a few psi when you unthread the shock pump and here it go "pssst" is just something I'll never do. If I were remotely anal, I'd just put the pump back on, see how much (if any) pressure I lost, and inflate it that much past the pressure I'd like to run. That way when I took it off and heard the "pssst" sound it wouldn't ruin every ride I had after that, not that it would anyway...

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